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Academic Awards Assembly 10/17/2017

Click here for special schedule for tomorrow's Academic Awards Assembly
7:35-9:08-- 2nd Hour
9:08-9:13--All Students report to Homeroom take attendance (please walk Junior and Seniors students to the gym)
9:25-10:10--Junior Senior Assembly --head back to Homeroom
10:10-10:50--Freshmen and Sophomores Assembly (Please note the 1st assembly may run long so we will be releasing for this assembly by voice announcement/please walk Freshmen and Sophomores to the gym)
10:51-- 4th period

Shadow Days 9/20/2017

Shadow Days
If interested in learning about HRHS our student shadows days are October 5th, November 2nd, December 7th, January 18, February 15th and March 8th. Please contact the counseling office for more information at 303-387-2564.