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Snowed In Week! 12/11/2017


To spread good energy throughout the week and bring the school together as we head into finals the week after. Even if one person has a positive attitude, it spreads and really has an effect on everybody. That’s our wish for Snowed In!

Snowed In! Week, December 11-15 Schedule of Events

Final Week Schedule 12/18/2017
Senior Transcripts 12/1/2017


Please get your transcript requests in by December 1st if you want to ensure they are out by Winter Break.
Counselors will make sure that everything is uploaded by the deadline, but we ask for 2-3 weeks to make sure we have some time to get it completed.

Shadow Days 9/20/2017

Shadow Days
If interested in learning about HRHS our student shadows days are October 5th, November 2nd, December 7th, January 18, February 15th and March 8th. Please contact the counseling office for more information at 303-387-2564.