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Access Tutoring

ACCESS Tutoring:

NHS tutors are available during each ACCESS period on Tuesday and Thursday morning. We have tutors in the library computer lab ready to help students with their ques0ons or for support in their classes. Students do not need to sign up ahead of time, just show up and we will get them assigned to a tutor. This is FREE!!!!

Shadow Days

Shadow days from 8:30-10:30am on October 4
November 1st, January 17th and February 28th.
To make a reservation please contact Janice Hapgood at 303-387-2564.

DCSD Emergency Test 9/19/2018

DCSD Emergency Test. DCSD EMERGENCY TEST! DCSD will conduct a test of its emergency notification system, including email, mobile app, social media, text, and voice messaging on Wednesday, September 19. Should a real emergency arise, the test will be displayed. Read more emergency communications

Yearbook Special Announcement 11/10/2018

This is a special announcement for parents of Highlands Ranch seniors. We know how awesome your children are but why not let everyone else know by sending off your son or daughter to college with a recognition ad in their senior yearbook? Yearbook ads with sentiment from parents to their graduating students have become a tradition here at our school and we just wanted to remind you that the special early bird discounted deadline for submitting your yearbook ad will be here before you know it, on December 14th. Don’t miss out on this special opportunity and of course the chance to pay the discounted price by submitting your photos and message early. For more information on pricing and how to submit your ad, please visit Don’t delay, as space may be limited.
Link to Yearbook Baby Ad