Fall Break 2021

10 days ago

Enjoy your week off Falcons! …
Honor Roll

Honor Roll Certificates: All students who made the Honor Roll for last semester, will be receiving their Honor Roll certificates from their homeroom teachers during the week prior to Fall Break, October 12th & 14th. Thanks for all your hard work supporting your students.

Honor Roll certificates criteria: The Cumulative GPA-based Honor Roll celebrates students’ successes after each semester.
  • Blue Honor Roll is for a CUM GPA of 3.5-3.749
  • Black Honor Roll is for a CUM GPA of 3.75-3.99
  • Silver Honor Roll for a CUM GPA of 4.00+
2021 Homecoming Recap

Homecoming this year was a huge success! Click here for a great article and some photos from the HRHS chronicle!

Regular Bell Schedule 2021-22
eSports Live Streams

Come watch the HRHS eSports compete live weekly from 4pm to 5pm on Tuesday, Thursday from Tue Sep 21 to Sat Dec 11

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